About Us / Expertise

Lynx Development Group is a full service real estate development company with focus on residential and commercial projects. Wasim Shomar, CEO and his executive team have collectively 40+ years of knowledge and experience within the realm of real estate projects, having successfully managed over 2 million square feet of residential and commercial space projects in the U.S.

Our investment philosophy targets submarkets with anticipated cyclical recoveries which have operational inefficiencies. To further investment return, under-managed and under-capitalized assets are aggressively shifted for maximization. In addition, before investment is made, an exit strategy is identified and continuously re-evaluated to optimize results.

Acquisitions and operations teams work closely with the asset management team to convert original investment strategy into operative and sustainable actions plans. Successful asset management requires an all-inclusive understanding of the macro investment environment as well as the individual investment positioning in the local market. This is achieved by monitoring market, operational, and financial data to create a performance analysis, analysis of equity return, and valuation of stakeholder interest based on market conditions.